Communications Theory: Identity and Difference

These pages are derived from a Communications Theory seminar in which students discussed elements of popular/media culture which are (or have been) personally meaningful to them. The themes shown on the primary page (above) are those which seemed to make up the 'core' of the reasons why people might identify with or relate to particular media figures.




Conflict with tradition

This strong theme takes in rebellion from convention and the values of parents, as well as any other conflict with traditional attitudes and modes of behaviour.


Madonna, once again, scores highly here for her persistent and yet varied challenges to convention sexuality, femininity, religion, amongst others and, separately from this, people also identified with her conflicts with her father; the song and video Oh Father touching a chord here.

The Prodigy had also been significant to people, with their directness and confrontational image.

In teenage years, rock bands like Skid Row had also epitomised and given a voice to rebellion and anger.

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