Communications Theory: Identity and Difference

These pages are derived from a Communications Theory seminar in which students discussed elements of popular/media culture which are (or have been) personally meaningful to them. The themes shown on the primary page (above) are those which seemed to make up the 'core' of the reasons why people might identify with or relate to particular media figures.




Being different

Media icons were often valued for having been different, and for conferring legitimacy on, and giving support for, those people who felt themselves to be similarly outside of traditions or norms.


Of particular note here was Boy George, even for those who were only at primary school in the early part of his career. His autobiography Take It Like A Man (1995) [see interview] was seen as a particularly interesting and moving account of the highs and lows of Boy George's life, which had inspired its readers.

Jarvis Cocker and the Pet Shop Boys have also offered images of ways to be 'different' men.

And Madonna, once again, appears in this category, for having shown people that it is OK to be different, and to do different things.

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