Communications Theory: Identity and Difference

These pages are derived from a Communications Theory seminar in which students discussed elements of popular/media culture which are (or have been) personally meaningful to them. The themes shown on the primary page (above) are those which seemed to make up the 'core' of the reasons why people might identify with or relate to particular media figures.




Geographical identification

Some people identified with icons which reminded them of the area where they came from: W. B. Yeats, Winnie the Pooh, Pulp, other northern bands, Minnie Driver.


The W. B. Yeats connection stemmed from a psychological sense of 'Irishness' defined particularly as the antithesis of anything English held by someone whose distant relatives had come from Ireland, but had grown up in a home where the value of all things Irish was emphasised.

The identification of people from the north of England with northern bands such as Pulp is self-explanatory; but people often had mixed feelings about northern successes who had moved to London to develop or consolidate their popularity.

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