Communications Theory: Identity and Difference





Introduction and general points

These pages are derived from a Communications Theory seminar in which students discussed elements of popular/media culture which are (or have been) personally meaningful to them. The themes shown on the primary page (above left) are those which seemed to make up the 'core' of the reasons why people might identify with or relate to particular media figures.

Not everyone had a particularly meaningful item, person or icon to offer. Some participants emphasised that they thought of particular individuals that they had known as being the most meaningful personal influences upon their own sense of identity. These could be friends or partners, and one put her mother at the centre of this web. So the first important point is that we should not be too media-centred; although we all noted from the start that none of us was talking about media icons as all-powerful deterministic influences. Nevertheless, some icons emerged as really quite important to some people, and everyone could list a few such significant figures pop stars who had been important to us in teenage years occuring particularly frequently here.

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