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Book reviews

This section is divided into the following pages:

Gender and culture (19 titles)
Books on gender studies, representations of gender in the media, media influences on gender.

Queer theory (21 titles)
Books on queer theory and sexuality, and its relationship with media and identities; includes Michel Foucault and Judith Butler books.

Cultural studies / Critical theory (18 titles)
Cultural studies books which don't fit neatly into the above sections (but may contain stuff about those areas).

Extra: Film Studies (3 titles)
Reviews of accessible film studies books including NEW REVIEW of '50 Contemporary Filmmakers'.

Modern art
Art book reviews now living at

Internet culture & style
Many reviews -- now living at

External links

Publishers: Routledge / Arnold / Sage / Duke University Press / Polity / Blackwell / Edinburgh University Press.

Sarah Zupko's exceedingly useful Cultural Studies Center has book reviews amongst its resources.