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Key links and awards

A page of nice people, with sites worth visiting, who've linked to or mentioned us.
(This page isn't updated often).

Winner of a Britannica Internet Guide Award from, the encyclopedia people, in January 2000. "Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability," they write. What nice folk.

'Web Site of the Month' (May 1999) at the University of Oxford's CTI Textual Studies website.

Awarded a 'First class' web trophy by The Philosophers' Magazine in February 1999. This is "awarded only rarely... to those sites that are outstanding, primarily in content, but also in design". Hurray.

Awarded a rare 'Gold Award' web trophy by The Emperor Norton Prizes for Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, March 1999. Only three other sites have previously won the gold award. How nice. The Emperor is a kind and benevolent man.

Featured in .net magazine, March 1999.

Selected as this issue's Hot Site in America's The Advocate magazine (19 Jan - 2 Feb 1999). What a fine magazine. Hello to Advocate readers.

Selected by The Scout Report for the Social Sciences as a Primary Resource.

Partner in crime with internet pioneer and genius Slantgirl.


All linked up with Sarah Zupko's very comprehensive, exceedingly useful Cultural Studies Center.


This site, whilst neither girl nor boy, is pleased to be listed in the GirlWideWeb.


Listed on Mick Underwood's surprisingly good
Cultural and Media Studies Site.


Catalogued and profiled by the Social Science Information Gateway.

Winner of a 'Gold Site' award from Daniel Chandler's major Media and Communications Site.

Included on the very useful links page at Theory, Culture and Society.

Listed by the cool folk at Geekgirl.

...And listed by the lovely site, Swirl.

Selected and listed by BUBL.

Got an award from design company Optical Resolution.

An award from Malaspina University...

...and I like this one because it is the first one I got, from some people in Alaska who only had the internet to keep themselves warm.