David Gauntlett


Creativity, participation and connectedness:
An interview with David Gauntlett (2009)

This is a version of an interview which appeared in the book Mashup Cultures, edited by Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, published by Springer Wien/New York in 2010.

Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss invited me to contribute to this book, and suggested an interview. In the spirit of 'Mashup Culture,' I invited people to send me questions via Twitter, Facebook, and this site. (So, it's not really a mashup, but at least it's questions coming together from different sources, and from people around the world. So it's actually another buzzword – crowdsourcing).

The interview begins with some questions about my 'making is connecting' project, followed by a definition and discussion of 'Web 2.0'. We then turn to implications for education, and academic public engagement.

This online version is a little different to the version in the book and includes an extra question and answer (!).

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