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Foucault: The Legacy
Edited by Clare O'Farrell

Here we highlight this chunky book, of nearly 800 pages, because it's not as easy to find as some other books about Foucault, but it's got some great stuff in it. Edited by the delightfully interesting and energetic Clare O'Farrell of Queensland University of Technology, and published by QUT in 1997, Foucault's Legacy brings together 73 (count 'em!) articles which link Foucault with everything from art and architecture to management and public relations! There are more 'traditional' chapters on health and psychoanalysis, some good stuff on Foucault and feminism, and philosophy... The list goes on! Two unusual and interesting chapters on the marketing of Foucault definitely add to the mix. And the book is worth getting hold of for O'Farrell's introduction alone, where she describes her experiences as a research student studying Foucault in Paris -- whilst he was still alive -- including accounts of his lectures and an interview at his apartment. Fascinating stuff.

This page gives information on ordering the book - a new CD-Rom edition is promised!

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