Stuart Hall's Encoding-Decoding Model

LEGO 5580 Stuart Hall's Encoding-Decoding Model.
Ages 16-35. 112 pieces.

In the 1970s, cultural theorist Stuart Hall tested his 'Encoding-Decoding' hypothesis by inviting participants to watch specially-filmed material, to determine whether they 'decoded' the message which he had 'encoded'. LEGO 5580 recreates the moment in which a female participant produced a radically unexpected interpretation of a scene from a Spider-Man story which was being acted out in Hall's garden.

See the Stuart Hall page at Wikipedia. Hall's ideas are summarised briefly in Media, Gender and Identity.


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Another disclaimer: Stuart Hall did not really test his 'encoding-decoding' model in this way. Don't start writing about Stuart Hall's Spider-Man experiment in essays, or I'll get into trouble.