The random module catalogue generates random proposals for communications courses. It can propose well over a million different module titles, with well over a million billion different module outlines and details.

The modules are invented 'on the fly' by your browser linking bits of vocabulary together randomly. It is not showing you random titles from a ready-prepared list. If you are offended by any of the suggested study topics, don't blame me because I really didn't write them -- they are created 'live' inside your own computer each time you hit 'Next'.

I made this in order to have a go at writing JavaScript (seriously helped by the very useful JavaScript Made Easy site), in a bid to keep up with the latest communications technologies. I was thinking about the design of a new module, Internet Communications, at the time; this corner of the site obviously reflects that.

What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is the 'universal' computer language that can be put in websites and understood by any computer running a JavaScript-compatible browser (i.e. any decent browser). Therefore it is unusual and innovative because it is meant to work regardless of what kind of computer you have. Speaking of which...

JavaScript became particularly famous when Bill Gates attempted to embrace this new universal technology by, er, adding bits onto it so that in the long run JavaScript would only work on Microsoft products. In the much-publicised Microsoft trial, evidence has suggested that the company deliberately sought to 'pollute' this language. Which really is naughty. But I digress.

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